AQUOS zero Smartphone Wins Nippon Brand Award in Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun’s 61st 2018 Top 10 New Products Award

(left) Haruhiro Imizu, President of Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun
(right) Bob Ishida, Executive Vice President of Sharp Corporation

On Jan. 24, Sharp’s AQUOS zero Smartphone was awarded Nippon Brand Award in Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun’s 61st 2018 Top 10 New Products Award. The awarding ceremony was held in Tokyo, and Bob Ishida, Executive Vice President of Sharp, attended the event.


The Top 10 New Products Award is founded and sponsored by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, a specialty paper in Japan, selecting and commemorating new products each year based on various opinions from the academic society, research institutes, industry members etc. aimed to encourage and raise the level of overall technology industry. Products are evaluated based on factors such as uniqueness, world-class features, contribution to technical issues and raising industry level, and contribution to the industry and society etc. Nippon Brand Award is awarded to those that lead the global market with Japan’s first technology. 


The award winning AQUOS zero features a 6.2-inch large size OLED display. This is the first AQUOS smartphone model equipped with OLED manufactured by Sharp. It is also recognized with its world’s lightest*1 146g in its class thanks to adopting magnesium alloy on sides and aramid fiber*2 on the back side.


▲Nippon Brand Award Certificate
▲Nippon Brand Award shield
▲Nippon Brand Award-Winning OLED smartphone AQUOS zero
  • *1 For smartphones with 6-inch and larger screen size, battery size 3,000mAh (nominal) and above, and water proof (IPX5 and above). As of December 2018 based on Sharp survey.
  • *2 Synthetic fiber with high durability, high elasticity, high heat resistance, and high chemical resistance.
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