Sharp Philippines Provides Better Solutions for a Better Life

Since its foundation in 1912, Sharp has been producing a wide variety of products, from home appliances to business equipment, contributing to the people and the society. Sharp intends to support the lives of consumers around the world not only at their homes, but also at their offices and etc.

Today, Sharp is known as a washing machine brand in the Philippines, but there are many more products Sharp has to offer. On July 2nd in Tuguig, Philippines, Sharp (Phils.) Corporation (SPC), a manufacturing/sales company of Sharp in the Philippines, held a media conference Better Solutions for a Better Life  to introduce our latest products and solutions in four categories.


Kitchen appliances are part of newly announced Health & Beauty Solution

Yoshihiro Hashimoto, Executive Managing Officer, Head of President Office and Head of ASEAN Business, Sharp Corporation (left), and Kazuo Kito, President, SPC (right) welcome attendees


Entertainment Solutions
Customers will be able to enjoy entertainment with products such as AQUOS 8K LCD TVs and AQUOS Sound Partner shoulder speakers. This is the first time for an 8K TV to be released in this country, which will deliver a brand new sensation to the people in the Philippines.

AQUOS 8K LCD TV is available in the Philippines for the first time


Business Solutions
Video wall displays, interactive whiteboards, and 4K signage displays were introduced. From the wide product lineup, customers will be able to find displays which suit their needs best.

Displays suitable not only for business, but for other purposes such as education


Clean and Comfort Solutions
Air conditioners, air purifiers and vacuum cleaners  were introduced to provide cleaner air to customers. Many of them are equipped with Sharp’s unique Plasmacluster technology which suppresses airborne viruses and bacteria. Some air conditioners feature AIoT* technology: air-conditioner will learn your lifestyle and weather for producing comfortable temperature in your room automatically.

RACTIVE Air vacuum cleaner (right) and Plasmacluster air purifier (right) keep the room clean

*AIoT: A word coined by Sharp, combining the words AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (Internet of things). AIoT is a vision of how all kinds of products will connect to artificial intelligence via the cloud and become a people-oriented existence. AIoT is a registered trademark of Sharp Corporation.


Health & Beauty Solutions
A new brand of beauty products beauté A was unveiled this day. Hair iron, blower, curling iron with Plasmacluster technology maintains your hair beautiful with less damage.

Hair iron, blower, and curling iron make up beauté A

Other home appliances, such as Healsio Hotcook, automatic cooker, enabling healthy food cooking, were also introduced.


Presentations were made by four categories. Presenters from SPC and business units in Japan, explained the new features and functions with demonstration for easier understanding.

Presenters explain new product features


SPC will seek this as an opportunity to kick off its business expansion and provide Better Solutions for a Better Life for the Philippines in 2019 and beyond.


dynabook note PCs will also be offered as a part of Business Solutions



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