For A Limited Time Only?
Charge Your Smartphone for Free with Sharp’s Solar Charger Stand at Nara Park Bus Terminal

On July 8th, Sharp movable type solar charger stand <LN-CB1AA> was installed near the western building of Nara Park Bus Terminal in Nara, Japan*. You can charge your smartphone and other gadgets for free from 11:00 to 17:00 until September 15th (now extended to October 15th!). (USB cables are required)

*The location and opening hours of the charger stand could change as this is an experimental installation.

This installation is an experiment by Nara Prefecture to meet demands from tourists visiting Nara Park for charging spots. The Nara Prefecture will study the result and effect of this installation for possible full-scale introduction.


Sharp movable type solar charger stand experimentally installed at Nara Park Bus Terminal


What is a movable type solar charger stand?

A solar charger stand is an eco-friendly system composed with solar panels and storage battery. It is equipped with four USB terminals and capable of charging four devices at the same time. Since it generates electricity only from sun light, it emits no CO2 upon use. Also, the back side of solar panel is designed as a platform for billboards to display advertisements or notices.

For example, in case of disaster, information that smartphones can be charged for free with this stand can be displayed. With storage battery installed, the stand can charge smartphones even on cloudy day and night time.


The back side of solar charger stand for placing advertisements and notices.
(instructions in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean displayed in this image)


Nara Park Bus Terminal

Nara Park Bus Terminal is a facility located next to Nara Prefecture Office. Inside its elegantly designed buildings, café, restaurant, Kimono rental shops and bus waiting area, etc await visitors.


A diorama of areas around Nara Park in the navigation section on the 1st floor

Rest and information area is located on the second floor of east building, and the scenery looking onto the Todai-ji side framed by large window glass panels appear as if you are enjoying a massive piece of artwork.

View from rest area on 2nd floor

Rooftop garden on the east building is a popular site for visitors as they can enjoy the panoramic view of Kasuga Mountain, Todai-ji, and Kofuku-ji. Enjoying the view of a world heritage from a bench seat with a coffee or tea bought from café, is certainly a new way of visiting Nara.

The Great Budda Hall of Todai-ji (left) and Wakakusa Mountain (middle)
seen from the rooftop garden area


The five storied pagoda of Kofuji-ji in the south of the bus terminal


Deer eating grass near Nara Park Bus Terminal


If you need to wait for a bus, your family, or friends at Nara Park, why not charge your smartphone with clean energy generated by the sun?

Sharp is increasing the number of solar charger stands throughout Japan: The stands are installed in transportation terminals, parks, and government offices, etc. If you happen to find them, feel free to charge your smartphone with the clean and sustainable energy from the sun.

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