SOCC*1, Sharp’s Manufacturing Base in China, Wins Excellent Company Award in China Environmental Labeling Program*2

SOCC, Sharp’s manufacturing base in China, won the Excellent Company Award in China Environmental Labeling Program announced by China’s Environmental Development Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

This award is announced every five years commemorating plants from selected companies in China Environmental Labeling Program that are especially superior in environmental consciousness.

China’s Environmental Development Center evaluated SOCC to be at top class in the industry for core items such as noise emission, material emission, recycle design, reuse, and energy upon manufacturing Multi-functional Printers etc., while also securely managing production procedures and  supply chain etc.

A ceremony was held at the International Symposium of Green Consumption at Suzhou, China on October 25.


Mr. Wu Liang, Manager, Certification Group, No.2 Development Dept of SOCC at the ceremony in Suzhou, China

Certification of Excellent Company Award


*1 Sharp Office Equipments(Changshu) Co.,Ltd.

*2 China Environmental Labeling Program is carried out by China’s Environmental Development Center. This certification program of green products is equivalent to other international  standards, such as Blue Angel of Germany and Energy Star of U.S.A.

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