Sharp Multi-Function Printers Wins Buyers Lab 2020 Pick Awards

Sharp Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) were awarded BLI Winter 2020 Pick Awards in the copier MFP Category by Buyers Lab(BLI), a global document imaging industry’s resource for unbiased and reliable information, test data and competitive selling tools.


Award Winning models


Award winning models Left: MX-6071, Right: MX-M4071


Outstanding 26-ppm Color Copier MFP <MX-2651>

Outstanding 30-ppm Color Copier MFP <MX-3071>

Outstanding 35-ppm Color Copier MFP <MX-3571>

Outstanding 40-ppm Color Copier MFP <MX-4071>

Outstanding 50-ppm Color Copier MFP <MX-5071>

Outstanding 60-ppm Color Copier MFP <MX-6071>

Outstanding 26-ppm Copier MFP <MX-M2651>

Outstanding 30-ppm Copier MFP <MX-M3071>

Outstanding 35-ppm Copier MFP <MX-M3571>

Outstanding 40-ppm Copier MFP <MX-M4071>

Outstanding 50-ppm Copier MFP <MX-M5071>

Outstanding 60-ppm Copier MFP <MX-M6071>


Reasons for the above models awarded are introduced on BLI’s website as following:
“We ran over one million impressions on Sharp copier MFPs this season, to exceptional overall results. As a whole, productivity results were better than other competitors. Short- and long-run jobs for printing, scanning, and copying were completed in a timely manner to allow users to remain effective and efficient. Above average memory for faster processing of jobs is another nicety, as is above average paper weight support for media flexibility. Strong reliability and above average maximum paper capacities mean less downtime for users to clear misfeeds or refill paper drawers. IT administrators will love the web user interface’s intuitiveness and search and shortcut functionality. And Sharp’s ‘know one, know all’ approach means users of the drivers and control panel will enjoy the same very good overall usability regardless of which machine is close to their particular workspace.”


Award winning models Left: MX-C304W, Right: MX-B476W


Outstanding MFP for Mid-Size Workgroups <MX-B476W>

Outstanding Color MFP for SMBs <MX-C304W>


The following compliments were given for these models:
“Sharp offers mid-volume environments outstanding user-friendliness, performance, and functionality for a way lower cost per page than the competition. The MX-B476W and MX-C304W were the hands down winners in their respective categories. Both offer robust scan functionality, a well-designed touchscreen, and simple routine maintenance procedures. The devices also produced high-quality, professional-looking output that will easily meet the needs of general office environments. They include Sharp’s OSA (Open Systems Architecture) embedded software platform, which enables integration with a variety of software solutions that can help businesses save even more time and money. Both models represent an exceptional value and choice for SMBs (Small and Medium Business) and mid-size workgroups.”


Sharp is honored to be awarded in these categories that recognize the functions emphasized on its products after paying continuous and careful attention to the comments and requests provided from our customers’ point of view.

Sharp will continue its efforts to introduce products to meet the expectations of our customers.



BLI Website:

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