#stayhome and Enjoy “Sharp Museum”!

In July 1960, 60 years ago from today, Sharp launched the first color TV in line with the start of color broadcasting in Japan.


Sharp’s first color TV


The selling price was 500,000 yen. Since the starting salary of civil servants at that time was 10,800 yen, it seems that owning a color TV was quite a status.

Since then, the fields of broadcasting and display have continued to evolve, and in 2001, 40 years later, our company launched the first AQUOS LCD TV. Another 20 years later, today, our company have created a number of products that let you enjoy your time at home, from the LCD TV AQUOS 8K displaying overwhelming reality to the smartphone AQUOS R5G.

We are exhibiting and introducing the history of such evolution at the Sharp Museum in Tenri City, Nara Prefecture, but unfortunately many people are refraining from going out to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Sharp’s first LCD TV AQUOS (left) and first color TV
(exhibited at the Sharp Museum. Same 21 inch screen size)


For all of those who are interested in our Sharp Museum but have difficulty visiting us right now, I would like to introduce you one of our strong supporters that has started to take action!


SHARP Museum Supporter Club by Sharp company Society is updated at the following site: (posted in Japanese only)


Image of Instagram account


The “Sharp Company Society” is consisted of retired employees who have worked at our company for many years. Volunteers among them created an account supporting “Sharp Museum” on Instagram introducing exhibits.


“That’s a weird TV! Oh, it’s a radio?”
“Oh, I know this wooden record player. My grandpa might have shown it to me!”


The Instagram account lets you enjoy our exhibits on the palm of your hand (smartphone screen), and you may discover a little different surprise from actually walking around. We hope you will experience the discovery and share it with close people.

And then, some time soon, we look forward to seeing you again.


Information on exhibition facilities: Sharp Museum (Tenri)

LCD TV AQUOS Global website

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