HOMESupportFreeware (Software)

Use Conditions of the program on this page

Use conditions for software program

Sharp Corporation (hereinafter as "Sharp") will license the user the nonexclusive right of the program on this page under the below conditions.
When the program on this page is downloaded, we assume you have agreed the below conditions.

* The copyright of this program belong to Sharp, and it is not to allowed to copy or distributed without permission.
* Sharp will not be liable to the user or any third party for any damages which the user or any third party will suffer from malfunctions or inconveniences while using this product.
* The user will be allowed to use the upgraded or new-function-added program generated by this program only under the license of the software license agreement which the user already received.
* This program may be improved and changed without prior notice.

HOMESupportFreeware (Software)
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