Environmental Data

Refer to “Sharp Environmental Data” for the following items.

Sharp Environmental Data (46 KB)


  • Energy consumed by the Sharp Group

■ The following corrections were made as of February 28, 2022.

Fiscal 2020

・Renewable energy
:12 million kWh →11 million kWh
・Hot water, cold water, steam
:130 TJ → 235 TJ

GHGs (Greenhouse Gases)

  • GHG emissions by the Sharp Group
  • Scope 1 (direct GHG emissions from business activities)
  • Scope 2 (indirect GHG emissions from energy usage in business activities)
  • Scope 3 (indirect GHG emissions from outside the scope of business activities)


  • Sharp Group’s amount of waste, etc. generated and final landfill disposal rate
  • Amount recycled


  • Sharp Group’s volume of new water used and water recycling rate
  • Water consumed and drainage by region
  • Water used and drainage by site


  • VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions


  • PRTR data for Japan
  • Overseas PRTR data