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World Topics

6 LED Lamps in 3 Types-Compact, Chandelier, and General
Sharp Introduces New LED Lamps

On July 13, 2010, Sharp Corporation held a conference in Tokyo to present its new LED lamps.

Sharp announced the introduction into the Japanese market of six new LED lamp models, including the E17-base compact lamp that achieves brightness at the industry's highest levels*1.

The DL-JA51N E17-base compact lamp achieves brightness (500 lumens) and luminous efficiency (96 lm/W) at the industry's highest levels*1. The DL-JC2BL chandelier lamp (clear cover) uses a light diffusion lens to provide illumination over a wide area and can be used in places like hotels and restaurants that require lighting to create a special atmosphere.

The two E26-base general lamp models weigh as little as 85 g, which is a weight reduction of up to 50% compared to current Sharp models*2. And the slim heat sink base means that the lamp can be used in a wide range of lighting fixtures.

A scene from the Tokyo press conference

Naotaka Ohtsuka, Group Deputy General Manager, Health and Environment Systems Group; General Manager, LED Lighting Business Promotion Center introduces the new LED lamps

Example of LED lamp installation

LED lamp lineup

Sharp's proprietary LED lamp technologies

  • *1 As of July 13, 2010, for E17-base compact general lighting LED lamps sold in the Japanese market (based on Sharp research).
  • *2 Comparison between the current DL-L401N (118 g, 340 lumens) with the new DL-LA41N (85 g, 485 lumens), and the current DL-L601L (168 g, 360 lumens) with the new DL-LA32L (85 g, 380 lumens).

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