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Environmental Activities
Environmental Activities
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Green Device Examples
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Green Device Examples: LSI, Camera Modules
2-Mega Pixel CMOS Camera Module: LZ0P395V
H.264 Decoder for “One-seg” Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasts: LR38888
Front-end LSI for IrSimpleTM *1/IrDA/IR Remote Controller: LR388B6
MDDI*2-based LCD Controller: LR38869A
2-Mega Pixel CMOS Camera Module
Camera Module
2-mega pixel camera module for mobile devices employs a CMOS image sensor that is effective in lowering power consumption. Thanks to employment of Sharp's original high-density mounting technology and optical technology, this module achieves industry's smallest class, 8.0 x 8.0 x 4.4 mm package.

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H.264 Decoder for “One-seg” Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasts
H.264 Decoder for “One-seg” Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasts
Proprietary high-speed media processing accelerator and on-chip memory (10 Mbit) allow low power consumption (150 mW). This decoder chip realizes long time of watching TV on battery-powered mobile devices like mobile phones, PDAs, and portable televisions. Video and audio output interfaces enable simple systems, which can shorten the development time of mobile devices equipped with TV functions.
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Front-end LSI for IrSimpleTM *1/IrDA/IR Remote Controller
Front-end LSI for Remote Controller
IrSimpleTM *1 controller enables high-speed communication that is approximately 4 to 10 times faster than conventional infrared data communications. Compared to conventional data transmitting method, data transfer requires less time, thereby reducing total power consumption to less than 1/10th of conventional transfers.
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MDDI*2-based LCD Controller
MDDI-based LCD Controller
Achieves low power consumption by optimizing circuit configuration and operating frequency. Has increased built-in memory capacity in a smaller chip size. Conforms to the MDDI*2 (Mobile Display Digital Interface) standard developed by QUALCOMM Incorporated in the United States. Enables high-speed serial communication using less power.

*1: A high-speed, wireless communications protocol that uses infrared. Developed jointly by ITX E-Globaledge Corporation, NTT DoCoMo, Inc., Sharp Corporation, and Waseda University and adopted by the IrDA (Infrared Data Association) as a global standard.
*2: Mobile Display Digital Interface
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