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Environmental Activities
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Green Device Examples: Optoelectronics, Power Devices
Compact Surface-mount Photointerrupter: GP1S296HCPSF
Low-voltage Output (0.8 V), Bootstrap Chopper Regulator: PQ1CX41H2ZPQ
Thin-profile USB Package LED Driver: PQ6CB11X1CP
Compact Short-range Distance-measuring Sensors:
GP2Y0D805Z0F (5 cm) / GP2Y0D810Z0F (10 cm)
Compact Surface-mount Photointerrupter
Compact Surface-mount Photointerrupter
Designed to respond to increasing demand for even more compact optical sensors compatible with surface mount techniques reflecting the increasing sophistication and greater compactness of digital cameras and mobile phones. Resource-saving design only 2.5 x 1.8 x 1.9 mm in size (49% smaller than previous model).

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Low-voltage Output (0.8 V), Bootstrap Chopper Regulator
Low-voltage Output (0.8 V), Bootstrap Chopper Regulator
Resource-saving design based on bootstrap architecture that is ideal for designing high-efficiency power supplies for electronic devices, with a conversion efficiency of 90% (10% higher than general-purpose model). Combined with low-voltage output (0.8 V), it contributes to lower power consumption in connected ICs. Compatibility with ceramic capacitors contributes to reducing mounting area.
Energy saving
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Thin-profile USB Package LED Driver
Thin-profile USB Package LED Driver
LED driver ideal for driving white LED backlights for LCD screens in portable equipment such as mobile phones and digital cameras. Energy-efficient design delivers high conversion efficiency (90%) compared to charge-pump types thanks to coil system.
Energy saving
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Compact Short-range Distance-measuring Sensors
GP2Y0D805Z0F (5 cm)
GP2Y0D810Z0F (10 cm)
Compact Short-range Distance-measuring Sensors
Compact distance-measuring sensors with distance detection of 5 or 10 cm.
Energy-efficient, resource-saving design: dissipation current of 5 mA (83% less than previous model) and only 13.6 x 7.0 x 7.95 (H) mm in size (40% smaller than previous model).

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