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Product Lineup
Features Products
LCD (e-Catalog)
Image Sensors
Laser Diodes
RF Components
Product Lineup
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Features Products Features Products  
Transparent Display
High-performance film with Moth Eye structure
Reflective Display
LCD LCD (e-Catalog)  
For industrial appliances
For Reflective Display
For Wearable & Mobile Terminal Device (Low Power Consumption LCD)
Image Sensors Image Sensors
CMOS Camera Modules CCD
Optoelectronics Optoelectronics
Photocouplers Phototriac Couplers
Solid State Relay Photointerrupter
Proximity Sensor, Proximity Sensor with Integrated Ambient Light Sensor Light Detectors
Infrared Emitting Diode Distance Measuring Sensors
Dust Sensor Unit
Laser Diodes Laser Diodes (e-Catalog)
Laser Diodes
RF Components RF Components  
Digital DBS Front-end Units
Front-End Units for ISDB-T/S/S3
Front-End Units for Digital Terrestrial and Analog Terrestrial Broadcasting
Sensor Sensor  
Micro-wave Body Motion Sensor module
Temperature and Humidity Sensor
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