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PN-E803 / PN-E703 / PN-E603


Slimline LCD Monitors for Diverse Signage Applications

Superb Image Quality

PN-E803/E703/E603 LCD panels incorporate Sharp's UV2A* technology, which prevents light leakage and ensures highly effcient use of light from the backlight. Thanks to this technology, the monitors achieve truly bright whites and extremely deep blacks. All three models support full-HD (1920 x 1080 pixel) resolution, for beautifully clear rendering of detailed text and graphics.

  • * UV2A stands for Ultraviolet-induced Multi-domain Vertical Alignment, a photo-alignment technology that ensures uniform alignment of liquid crystal molecules.

Thin, Lightweight Design

Streamlined for a pleasing appearance and minimal protruding parts, these professional LCD monitors boast exceptionally thin profiles. At their thickest point, the PN-E703 and PN-E603 measure just 39.4 mm (1 9/16"), while the PN-E803 measures only 96 mm (3 3/4"). The thin and lightweight design of PN-E803/E703/E603 monitors gives them a stylish profile and facilitates easy installation in a variety of settings.

Choice of Screen Size and
Installation Mode

The choice of three screen sizes—80, 70, or 60 inches—means you can select the high-quality professional LCD monitor that's right for the type of content you plan to show and for your specific installation purposes. These monitors can be installed in either a landscape or a portrait orientation. Portrait mode offers the look and impact of a poster, while landscape mode puts wide images on vivid display. Optimise your choice and maximise your audience impact.

24/7 Operation

Built solid, the PN-E803/E703/E603 monitors are ideal for use in 24-hour stores and in other demanding professional applications that require around-the-clock operation seven days a week.

Sharp Digital Signage Software (Option)

Sharp Digital Signage Software is versatile management software that provides total support for the creation, scheduling, distribution, and display of a wide range of content for the PN-E803/E703/E603. To meet the various needs of its customers, Sharp offers different versions of the software: PN-SS01 for stand-alone systems; PN-SS02 Network, PN-SS05 Pro, and PN-SW05 Pro Web Server versions for networked systems; and PN-SV01 Viewer Version.

Image Quality and Functions

Dual-Screen Display
PiP (Picture-in-Picture) mode allows an AV-sourced image to be displayed within a PC-sourced one (or vice versa), whereas PbyP (Picture-by-Picture) mode puts images from AV and PC sources side by side for split-screen viewing.
Picture-in-Picture mode
Picture-by-Picture mode
Enlarge (Zoom) Display Mode
Multiple monitors can be grouped together to display one enlarged image, thanks to Enlarge (Zoom) Display mode, which corrects the framing of that image to eliminate misalignment between monitors.
Enlarged four-monitor
Mirror Display Mode (Daisy Chain)
With Mirror Display mode, the same image can be displayed on a daisy chain of PN-E803/E703/E603 monitors for the powerful impact of image repetition. A maximum of 25 monitors* can be daisychained via DisplayPort, and up to five monitors via DVI-D cable.
  • * Up to 25 for non-HDCP-encoded content; four for HDCP-encoded content.

User-Friendly Design

Energy Efficient
Compared to conventional CCFL backlighting, LED backlighting on the PN-E803/E703/E603 monitors helps ensure reliable performance with low power consumption—roughly 55% less energy use for the PN-E603 and 44% less for the PN-E703.
Environmentally Friendly Design
These LCD monitors conform to the RoHS Directive restricting the use of hazardous substances.
Built-In Speakers
Built-in speakers eliminate the need for external speakers and keep the PN-E803/E703/E603 monitors stylishly streamlined. The speakers emit sound from both sides of the monitors, making them ideal for conveying audio information and playing
location-appropriate background music.
VESA-Compliant Mounts
VESA-compliant mounts provide right/left pivot and swivel, ensuring a high level of safety when LCD monitors are mounted on a wall or suspended from a ceiling.


Power on Delay
The Power on Delay function allows a time delay between the startup of each monitor in video walls or multi-monitor installations. This reduces the load placed on the power supply when a number of monitors are turned on at the same time.
Fanless Architecture
Fanless architecture maintains airflow and dissipates heat without the use of mechanical air-ventilation fans, which can attract dust and create noise. This fanless design also facilitates monitor maintenance.
Built-In Temperature Sensor
Should the temperature inside a monitor rise, a built-in sensor will detect it, and the backlight system will automatically adjust to keep the temperature within operational level*.
  • * The monitor automatically goes to standby mode when the internal temperature remains consistently above operational level.

Display Management

ID Setting
Thanks to an RS-232C interface, PN-E803/E703/E603 monitors
can be easily controlled and monitored from a central location via a PC. Each monitor can be assigned an individual ID code that specifies it when remotely turning it on or off, switching its input, or making various screen adjustments and settings to it.
RS-232C straight cable
For total ease of operation, the Schedule function allows up to eight settings to be pre-programmed for automatic monitor turn on/off at precise times on a daily, weekly, or one-time basis.
Log Saving/Output
To boost the troubleshooting efficiency of service technicians, operating logs, signal changes, information on operating irregularities, and other such data can be saved and tracked.
Hardware Diagnostics
The Hardware Diagnostics function detects any irregularities in power supply voltage and indicates it on the monitor.
E-Mail Notification

With the E-Mail Notification* function, display status updates will be sent periodically to a specified e-mail address. A notice will also be sent if a malfunction occurs.

  • * Requires optional Interface Expansion Board.
Web Browser Setting

Sharp LCD monitors can be easily operated through a Web browser and monitor control software*.

  • * Available separately
  • * Requires optional Interface Expansion Board.
SNMP Support

Display status, continuous operating time, and other parameters can be monitored over a local area network using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)*.

  • * Requires optional Interface Expansion Board.
Self Adjust Function
With an analogue PC connection, when a change occurs to the input signal timing, the clock phase will automatically adjust accordingly.

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