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PN-M501 / PN-M401


24/7 Professional LCD Monitor Ready for Versatile Signage Applications

The reliable, standalone PN-M501/M401 is powered by a built-in SoC (System on a Chip) controller to deliver out-of-the box digital signage solutions even without external devices such as PCs. The PN-M501/M401 is durable enough to display the content with continuous 24/7 operation as well as offering the flexibility in settings to support a wide range of signage requirements. This model offers versatile signage solution including built-in media player, HTML5 browser, and original content distribution software. SHARP e-Signage S software provides total support: content creation, scheduling, distribution, and management, with easy handling. The PN-M501/M401 offers solutions for a wide range of digital signage applications and usage styles.

Out-of-the-Box Digital Signage Solution

Built-in SoC (System on a Chip)

The PN-M501/M401 has a powerful integrated SoC controller driven by the Arm® Cortex®-A17 quad core processor (max. 1.8 GHz) with 2 GB memory and 8 GB storage. It integrates Android™ OS (4.4) and comes pre-installed with several types of signage support software. This means the PN-M501/M401 is ready to display signage right out of the box, even without a PC. In addition, the PN-M501/M401 has passed Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) provided by Google, which certifies its compatibility with various third-party Android apps, for further expansion of usability.

Supports H.265/HEVC

The built-in SoC controller supports not only H.264/AVC but also H.265/HEVC, a next-generation high-efficiency video codec.

SHARP Open Architecture Platform

The PN-M501/M401 features the SHARP Open Architecture Platform, which allows third-party software developers to create custom signage applications that open up rich possibilities for digital signage in retail, office, and other settings.

  • Note: For details, please consult with your local authorised Sharp dealer or representative.

Flexibility and Expandability

The PN-M501/M401 features excellent image quality and is designed for flexibility in a variety of settings. Offering brightness of 450 cd/m2 and the durability of 24/7 operation, this model grabs the attention of viewers with the content delivered around the clock. It comes with an Intel® Mini OPS-compatible expansion slot that gives you the added choice of expandability: an HDBaseT™ receiver board that supports various types of media and control signals, or a wireless board for easy wireless connection with multiple devices.

Excellent Image Quality

Thanks to its 1,920 (H) x 1,080 (V)-pixel resolution, the PN-M501/M401 expresses all the detail and visual impact of your selected full-HD content. A brightness of 450 cd/m2 supports this LCD monitor in its digital signage duties.

Flexible Settings

Whether in a landscape or portrait orientation, the PN-M501/M401 can be installed face-up, face-down, or tilted forward or backward at an angle of up to 90 degrees. Designed for easy hanging installation, it can be suspended from four corners of the rear housing with wires. Such flexibility gives you more freedom to meet today's demanding signage needs.

  • Note: Please consult with your local authorised Sharp dealer or representative regarding tiltable angles and other installation conditions.

Support for HDBaseT 2.0 (Option)

Installing an optional HDBaseT Receiver Board (PN-ZB03H) allows the monitor to receive HDMI video, audio signals, and control signals sent up to 100 metres via a single LAN cable*1. This brings convenient connectivity with HDMI devices such as PCs and BD players. Compatibility with the HDBaseT 2.0 standard allows you to remotely operate a PC from a USB device connected to the optional board*2. With HDBaseT 2.0 support, you can use fewer cables and reduce the time and cost of installation.

  • *1 Category 6 or higher shielded cable (available commercially)
  • *2 Requires an HDBaseT 2.0-compatible transmitter (available commercially). Not all USB devices are supported.

An optional board can slide into the slot on the back of the monitor.

Wireless Connectivity (Option)

An optional Wireless Board (PN-ZB03W) allows up to 10 devices—including Mac or Windows® computers, smartphones, and tablets—to connect to the PN-M501/M401 simultaneously without any cable hassles. You can display the content of one device on the whole screen, or you can display the content from up to four devices in a 2 x 2 split screen. This wireless collaboration is a great way to enhance productivity in the workplace.

Ready for Versatile Signage Support

A variety of signage support functions come standard with the PN-M501/M401. For an instant signage solution, the built-in media player allows you to easily use existing materials to make attractive signage. The integrated SoC also features an HTML5 browser that enables easy web-based signage operation. Furthermore, SHARP e-Signage S software opens up more advanced possibilities when it comes to creating, scheduling, delivering the signage programs, and monitoring status. It optionally supports networked operation and more advanced signage solutions. You have a streamlined solution designed to satisfy a range of signage needs.

Autoplay with Media Player

Displaying still images or videos as signage content couldn't be easier. The built-in media player automatically starts playing the content that is stored either on USB memory device, SD card, or internal storage when the monitor is powered on. It also has a simple schedule function that allows you to pre-register seven patterns for when to start/stop the content playback. In a slideshow, you can add visual effects between the still images. You can make playlists that combine still images and videos. The PN-M501/M401 lets you enjoy the benefits of simple digital signage without any extra software, special skills, or even a PC.

Web-based Signage

Thanks to the HTML5 browser pre-installed on the SoC, web content can be easily shown on the PN-M501/M401 as signage content. All you need to do is enter the URL in the HTML5 browser.

  • Note: Requires Ethernet or optional wireless adapter. For more stable connection, Ethernet is recommended.

SHARP Content Distributor

This software makes it easy to update the content to be displayed on multiple LCD monitors. Through simple and intuitive PC operation, you can schedule what content gets distributed, when it gets delivered, and which monitors show it. Take advantage of a convenient signage solution that lets you distribute content in a timely manner to multiple monitors.

  • Note: SHARP Content Distributor is available via the downloader on the bundled CD-ROM.

SHARP e-Signage S

This versatile signage software provides total support for satisfying individual user needs in the creation, scheduling, distribution, and management of a wide range of signage programs for Sharp LCD monitors installed in offices, commercial establishments, public spaces, and many other locations. The PN-M501/M401 comes bundled with the standalone edition of SHARP e-Signage S software, accompanied with its player pre-installed on the integrated Android OS. SHARP e-Signage S software (standalone edition) lets you create/edit signage programs easily via simple drag-and-drop operation. You can intuitively lay out diverse content, such as still images, videos, HTML, and horizontal message bars, in a free layout frame to make attractive and suitable signage programs with minimal effort. You can also create display schedules and timetables and monitor the operational status of a designated PN-M501/M401. For more advanced signage functionality including program distribution via network, SHARP e-Signage Software offers you further choices.

Product name No. of target monitors No. of operation PCs Distribution via network
Standalone edition Bundled 1 1 No
Network edition PN-SS22 Max. 100 1 Yes
Pro edition PN-SS25 Max. 1,000 1 Yes
Web server edition PN-SW25 Max. 1,000 1 to 50 Yes
Player Pre-installed
  • Note: The standalone edition of SHARP e-Signage S software is available via the downloader on the bundled CD-ROM.

Image Quality and Functions

DisplayPort Daisy Chain

Multiple PN-M501/M401 monitors can be set up in a daisy chain configuration by connecting between the DisplayPort terminals, so you can display the same content simultaneously on all screens.

Enlarge (Zoom) Display Mode
Multiple monitors can be grouped together to display one enlarged image, thanks to Enlarge (Zoom) Display mode, which corrects the framing of that image to eliminate misalignment between monitors.

User-Friendly Design

Built-in Speakers
Built-in 10 W + 10 W rear speakers eliminate the need for external speakers and ensure a stylishly streamlined profile.
VESA-Compliant Mounts
VESA-compliant mounts provide right/left pivot and swivel, ensuring a high level of safety when LCD monitors are mounted on a wall or suspended from a ceiling.

Reliability / Durability

Reliable 24/7 Operation
Built solid and durable, the PN-M501/M401 is ideal for use in 24-hour stores and other demanding professional applications that require around-the-clock operation, seven days a week*.
  • * It is highly recommended to reboot the OS once a day to maintain stable operation. Note: When POWER SAVE MODE is set to OFF, the integrated SoC controller stays on even in standby mode.
Power on Delay
This feature lets you delay the startup of each monitor in a multi-monitor installation. This reduces the load placed on the power supply when multiple monitors are turned on at the same time.
Built-in Temperature Sensor
If the temperature inside a monitor rises, a built-in sensor detects it and the monitor automatically lowers the brightness level of its backlight system.

Display Management

ID Setting

Thanks to an RS-232C interface, PN-M501/M401 monitors* can be easily controlled and monitored from a central location via a PC. Each monitor can be assigned an individual ID code to specify when remotely turning that monitor on or off, switching its input, or making various screen adjustments and settings.

RS-232C straight cable

  • * PN-M501/M401 monitors can be connected together in a daisy chain configuration.
For total ease of operation, the Schedule function allows up to eight settings to be pre-programmed for automatic monitor turn on/off at precise times on a daily, weekly, or one-time basis.
Self Adjust Function
With an analogue PC connection, when a change occurs to the input signal timing, the clock phase will automatically adjust accordingly.

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