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Create Professional Digital Signage via Simple Folder Management

SHARP e-Signage S provides total support for creating, scheduling, distributing, and managing a wide range of signage programs for Sharp LCD monitors. This software excels on monitors installed in a variety of locations, including offices, commercial establishments, and public spaces.
SHARP e-Signage S lets you create and edit signage programs easily, via simple drag-and-drop operation. You can lay out diverse content intuitively, create display schedules, and monitor the operational status of designated LCD monitors. Sharp offers an array of solution packages to match a variety of signage needs, from a single standalone display to a network of multiple monitors—all without any hassle.

Easily update content via simple folder management

Create a folder and save content. Simply changing the linked folder data automatically updates its content.

Full-Screen Signage Management

Create a different folder for each LCD monitor, store content in it, and link it to the monitor.

Split-Screen Signage Management

Each content folder can be linked to a layout frame. This means you can split the screen and display several sources of content.

Timetable Management

Content folders can be linked to individual timetables, so content is delivered to a monitor at a specified time and date.

Operational Setup

  • (1) Create folder and store content
  • (2) Create program/schedule
  • (3) Distribute and display according to schedule

Program Management

Free-Layout Frames

Diverse content such as still images, videos, HTML, and scrolling messages can be displayed in layout frames. You can easily enlarge these frames and adjust their position.

Linking Folders

Simply drag and drop a created content folder into a layout frame to link them with each other.

Schedule Management

Editing the Timetable/Schedule

Create a timetable and schedule to set the time and date to display.

Linking Folders

Simply drag and drop content folders into specified time and date locations to link them with each other.

Schedule Distribution

Easy Delivery

Based on the program schedule created in Schedule Management, you can send content to a target monitor for display.

Advanced Functionality*1

If there’s an emergency, operators can distribute emergency news flashes and scrolling messages*2 without changing the original time schedule.

  • *1 Available on PN-SW25/SS25/SS22.
  • *2 Emergency scrolling message distribution available on PN-SW25/SS25.

Status Monitoring

Advanced Functionality

Even if you’re at a distant location, you can access the controller PC and remotely monitor the status of the LCD monitor and the programs it’s displaying. Information appears in lists or thumbnails.

  • Note: Available on PN-SW25/SS25/SS22.

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