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Create Professional Digital Signage via Simple Folder Management

SHARP e-Signage S provides total support for creating, scheduling, distributing, and managing a wide range of signage programs for Sharp LCD monitors. This software excels on monitors installed in a variety of locations, including offices, commercial establishments, and public spaces.
SHARP e-Signage S lets you create and edit signage programs easily, via simple drag-and-drop operation. You can lay out diverse content intuitively, create display schedules, and monitor the operational status of designated LCD monitors. Sharp offers an array of solution packages to match a variety of signage needs, from a single standalone display to a network of multiple monitors—all without any hassle.

Quick Selection Guide

Choice of SHARP e-Signage S Software Editions

Choose an edition that matches your needs in terms of scale, content delivery, and management.

Product Name Features System Configuration (Examples) No. of Operators No. of Target PCs
Standalone System
Scheduled programs stored on a USB memory device or SD card can be delivered and displayed at a designated time on a single LCD monitor or to multiple screens. 1 1
Network System
Network Edition
Same functions as PN-SS21, plus enables programs to be distributed via the network up to 100 PCs for display on LCD monitors according to a set schedule. 1 Max. 100
Pro Edition
Same functions as PN-SS22, plus support for larger and more complex systems. Can distribute scheduled programs to up to 1,000 PCs as well as to registered groups of monitors. 1 Max. 1,000
Web Server Edition
Same functions as PN-SS25 and operable by multiple people. Programs, schedules, and other items can be centrally stored and managed on a web server database (i.e., a controller PC), accessible by up to 50 remote PCs. Hosted on your network. 1 to 50 Max. 1,000
    * PN-SV21 Player must be installed.    
Product Name Features
Dedicated software for displaying scheduled programs on Sharp LCD monitors. Required when using PN-SW25, PN-SS25, PN-SS22, or PN-SS21 with USB memory device or SD card distribution.

Displayable Content

Frame Content File Format Required Software
Background Frame Frame 1 to 4 Still image .jpeg .jpg .gif . png . bmp
Video*1 .avi .mpeg .mpg .wmv. asf .mov*2 .mp4*2 Microsoft® Windows Media® Player
Flash*3 .swf Adobe® Flash® Player
HTML .htm .html Microsoft® Internet Explorer®
Execution file*3 .exe
Signage widget*3 .anc .dig .erc .twt .whr
Message Frame 1 to 2 Scroll message .tlp
Audio Frame Audio .wav .mp3 .au .aif .aiff .wma .mid .midi .mov*2 .mp4*2 Microsoft® Windows Media® Player
  • *1 There are restrictions on the type of displayable files on the pre-installed player of a Sharp LCD monitor with built-in SoC. For details, please consult with your local authorised Sharp dealer or representative.
  • *2 Please consult with your local authorised Sharp dealer or representative before installing codecs or software that haven’t been officially approved for operation on the OS.
  • *3 Cannot be displayed on the pre-installed player of a Sharp LCD monitor with built-in SoC.

Feature Comparison

  Web Server (PN-SW25) Pro (PN-SS25) Network (PN-SS22) Standalone (PN-SS21)
Program creation and editing
Timetable/schedule creation and editing
No. of operators 1 to 50 1 1 1
Distribution Via USB memory device/SD card
Via network (push distribution) ×
Via network (pull distribution) ×
No. of target PCs Max. 1,000 Max. 1,000 Max. 100 1
Emergency news flash* ×
Reserved distribution ×
Emergency scroll message × ×
Updater distribution ×
Status monitoring ×
Monitor control
Operation group management × × ×
Multi-user management × × ×
User authority management × × ×
Monitor group management × ×
  • * Emergency news flash (“break-in program”)

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