Future-proof the way you work

Safe and seamless support for the office and beyond

In this era of changing work styles, you need equipment that can reliably support your team—both in the office and beyond. Here’s an MFP that keeps you connected anytime and anywhere, so you can collaborate more smoothly and effectively. Smart technology streamlines common tasks, so you can get the job done faster. And rock-solid security features safeguard your information at every stage. Welcome to a world of seamless communication and expanded business opportunities.


Interacting with others to get the job done regardless of time or space—that’s the key to maximum value.


Information is one of business’s greatest assets and needs to be safeguarded with the utmost security—that’s the key to propelling business.


Leveraging the latest technology like AI can help you get everyday tasks done with ease and efficiency—that’s the key to business success.

Key Features