A Versatile and Desk-Friendly
Document Solution

Compact Style for a Productive Workplace

Seeking a versatile B&W document solution that won’t take up too much space? Consider the MX-B450W/B350W/B450F/B350F/B450/B350. Thanks to its small footprint*1 of 428 x 507 mm, it fits easily on a desk or under a counter—just where you need it. The MFP offers all the benefits of 4-in-1*2 functionality in one user-friendly package. Its solid all-round productivity helps to streamline your workflow and keep your enterprise running on track.

  • *1: “Footprint” refers to the part directly adjacent to the floor or desk space. The numerical value is for the MFP’s base unit only.
  • *2: 3-in-1 (no fax) on MX-B450/B350

Key Features