Micro-wave Body Motion Sensor module
(1) Radio wave (microwave) enables body motion sensing even at
  a distance from human.
(2) Microwave penetrates through plastics and ceramic, etc.,
  so the sensor module is able to conceal. (Window is unnecessary,
  so appearance of product is not damaged)
(3) Sensing without influence of the surface temperature of the target
  and ambient light.

♦Standard Specifications
Model No.
Place of destination
For North America
For EU and Asia
Sensing frequency
24.075 to 24.175 GHz
24.15 to 24.25 GHz
Antenna elements
Send: 4 elements / receive: 4 elements
Send: 2 elements / receive: 4 elements
Measurable angle (Typ.)
140° (azimuth) / 70° (elevation)
140° (azimuth) / 100° (elevation)
Measurable distance (Ref.)
0 to 10 m
0 to 15 m
Body motion
Output interface
UART and digital out (Lo/Hi)
Supply voltage
3.3±0.1 V
Current consumption (Typ.)
56 mA
49 mA
Operation ambient temperature
–20 to 60°C
Outline dimensions (Typ.)
50 × 15 × 3.5 mm
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