New   Transparent Display

Liquid crystal technology has been applied to the development of a new transparent display that achieves both high transmittance and low power consumption (no light source is required).
This display can be applied to partitions which help social distancing while also contributing to the activation of communication and the production of a comfortable space by providing images.

 Features (Technology comparison)

 Transparent Display

(1) White Only
      (Display switches between "scattering"
       and "transmission" of light)

(2) High transmittance : Approx. 60%

(3) No light source required

(4) Low power consumption
      (1/10th that of see-through display)
       as display does not emit light.

 See-Through Display

(1) Full color images are possible

(2) Transmittance : 10% or less

(3) light source is required

Suitable for advertising displays, not suitable for partitions

 Panel specifications


 Panel configuration

Item Spec
LCD mode Normally scattering
Size 31.5 V type (WXGA)
Resolution 1366 × RGB × 768
Active area 697.6845 × 392.256
Panel dimension 709.3 × 460.55
( Transparent = Power ON )
Approx. 60%
( White = Power OFF )
I/F 8bit LVDS

 Application Scene

Providing "securing social distancing" + "new added value" for various scenes such as face-to-face operation.
Allowing an active face-to-face meeting
in the New Normal era
Achieving both security and convenience by the information shown on the anticrime partition

Medical Center
Creating a dining atmosphere by best suited
contents to match the dishes or scene
Displaying the important information
on the infection prevention partition

Supporting customers with services, securing Social-Distance

 Related information

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