New High-performance film with Moth Eye structure

Sharp provides high-performance film using special process technology called “Moth Eye” Moth Eye realizes super low reflection, anti-fogging and high transparency. High durability for repeated use.
Film size and shape can be customized.


(1) Drastic reduction of external reflection (surface reflectivity = approx. 0.3%/surface)
Moth Eye structure have surface finish with very minute bumps. Sequential minute bumps are formed to change the refractive index, which eliminates light reflection drastically.
(2) High anti fogging
With the combination of special acryl resin and Moth Eye structure, water spread over the wide surface and dry up quickly even under low/high temperature in high humidity.
(3) High transparent clear feature
Polycarbonate is used as film substrate, realizing glass like high transparency and wide viewing angle. (Polycarbonate is used as light guide of LCD backlight.)
(4) High resistivity
Special anti-scratch surface treatment allows long time repeated use. No obvious change in optical and antifogging feature after abrasion test.

Low reflection (Comparison by face shields)

 Film spec


 Film structure

Item Spec
Film size Max. 300 mm × 400 mm
Film thickness 0.18mm
Reflectance <0/7%
Transmittance >98%

 Use case (High-performance film with Moth Eye structure)

We provide Japan Quality films that are resistant to reflection and fogging for various scenes such as face-to-face customer service and sanitary goods manufacturing sites.

(Face Shield)
(Mouse Shield)
Face-to-face customer service
(Eye shield)

 Production factory

Moth Eye structure film is manufactured at Sharp Yonago Corporation, utilizing the LCD panel clean room.

Sharp Yonago Corporarion
(Yonago, Tottori Prefecture, Japan)
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