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Meet 80 Inches of Realism—
A 4K Display to Take the
Breath Away

Conveying Dynamic Images
with Accurate Colour Reproduction

The 80-inch PN-H801 commands attention. This mighty 4K display features an LED backlight with an expanded colour gamut that supports a wide range of colours. Whatever the indoor venue, this dynamic display works tirelessly to reach your target audience, conveying your message with larger-than-life realism and incredibly precise expression of colour and detail.

Stunning 4K Image Quality

The PN-H801 is a communication platform with a huge presence. Sized for eye-grabbing impact, this 80-inch-class 4K Ultra HD monitor boasts an impressive level of image quality that allows it to showcase all manner of content, from detailed text to beautifully textured graphics. With four times the resolution of full HD, the PN-H801 delivers all the detail, depth, and clarity that the content creator intended. Excelling in any indoor venue—for example, in a retail setting, meeting room, or control centre—this is one monitor that supports precise communications with any audience.

(Simulated images)

4K Ultra HD Reveals the Finest Details

Despite the massive scale of the PN-H801, onscreen content is rendered in superbly detailed ultra-high definition. With videos and photos displayed at up to 4K Ultra HD, you get to see subtle textures and fine details not visible at full HD resolution. The high pixel count means there’s no need to worry about jaggies, even on such a large screen.

(Simulated images)

Outstanding Colour Reproduction

The PN-H801 boasts an LED backlight that supports a wide colour gamut. This combines with the panel’s advanced picture quality adjustment features to deliver rich, vivid images with greater naturalism. Compared to a conventional full HD model*, the PN-H801 has an approximately 20% larger sRGB colour gamut range (area ratio). You’ll see a wider range of colour, especially captivating reds and greens.

* The Sharp PN-E802.

(Simulated images)

An Ever-Ready 4K Display

4K Upscaling and Offset Function

The PN-H801 is equipped with an advanced upscaling engine that transforms standard full HD content into 4K images—in real-time. An offset function minimises blurriness and jaggies to make expanded images smoother than with standard upscaling.

4K Transfer at 60 fps via Single Cable

The PN-H801 supports the features defined in the HDMI specification, which enable stunning 4K Ultra HD 60p video signals to be transmitted conveniently over a single cable. The monitor features four HDMI inputs that enable easy switching between multiple sources.

USB Media Player for PC-Less Playback

The PN-H801 can be set up to play slideshows and videos without the need for a PC. A built-in USB media player allows playback of 4K Ultra HD photos*1, full HD videos, and music stored on a connected USB memory device*2. Photos can also be saved to and played from the PN-H801’s internal memory. For added security, the PN-H801 comes with a USB drive cover to prevent theft of the data storage device. The media player’s auto play function enables photos and videos to be played automatically.

Supported media formats: JPEG for photos; MP4, M2TS, 3GP, and MOV for videos; and WAV, WMA, M4A, and MP3 for music.

  • *1 Supports input of 8K-equivalent photos (displayed at 4K).
  • *2 USB storage device sold separately.

Stable and Reliable Professional Operation

Choice of Installation Mode

The PN-H801 offers a choice of landscape or portrait installation, allowing you to select the mode that best suits your display content and application. While portrait installation offers the look and impact of a poster, landscape installation puts wide images on vivid display. Portrait installation of this approximately 1.8-meter-high monitor allows you to showcase life-size images of people.

24/7 Operation

Designed for around-the-clock use and rugged operating conditions, the PN-H801 is a reliable and commanding presence in demanding 24-hour professional applications. Even after long hours of continuous operation, this monitor delivers a sharp, clear picture. The PN-H801 excels in public spaces such as commercial facilities, stations, and airports, as well as in monitoring rooms.

  • Note: If a static image is displayed continuously for an extended period, image persistence may result. This can be removed gradually by displaying a video or moving graphics.

LAN/RS-232C Control

Thanks to its LAN/RS-232C interface, the PN-H801 can be easily controlled and monitored from a central location via a PC. Content can be conveniently distributed using optionally available Sharp Digital Signage Software (SDSS).

  • Note: Functions that can be controlled via LAN/RS-232C are limited. Some systems require an individual PC to control each monitor.

Impressive Design and Easy Installation

Stylish Design

The PN-H801 boasts an ultra-slim bezel that measures just 16 mm on the right, left, and top, and 21 mm on the bottom. The elegant and understated bezel helps the display to blend in naturally with its surroundings.

Built-In Speakers

Built-in speakers eliminate the need for external speakers and keep the PN-H801stylishly streamlined.

Lightweight and Easy to Install

The PN-H801 monitor weighs only 54 kg, which makes for easy placement. To ensure safe handling of a PN-H801 monitor, all four of its corners are fitted with robust carrying handles. Together with the monitor’s light weight, these handles enable safe transport and easy, time-saving installation.

A Wide Range of Professional Applications

Meeting room
Hospitality/retail setting
Simulation training room

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